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5 responses to “Stay In Touch

  1. I am muy impressed by this entire adventure.
    are you wearing your goggles?

  2. Thank you for your honest story last year about polar bears and Brian Ladoon and his dogs. I was just up in churchill on aug 25 and I saw his dogs chained up. It is one of the saddest sights I have ever seen. I am attempting to build political awareness of this matter, and stop Ladoon from his barbaric practices.

    Once again. thank you. There have been too many fluff pieces being written about Ladoon, so I feel he envisions himself as some sort of romantic northern hero… a law unto himself essentially.

    My interest is to stop the needless suffering of the dogs.

    Gloria Taylor

  3. You’re getting 5 stars from me!!!! xoxo

  4. Is this blog still active?

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